The SJT Plays: Alphabetical Index A - M (1955 - 2009)

This page contains a linked alphabetical index (A - M) to all plays produced at the Stephen Joseph Theatre between 1955 and 2009, when Alan Ayckbourn stepped down as Artistic Director of the company.

For production details on every production between 1955 and 2009, click on a highlighted title to visit the relevant page.
Abiding Passions
Abigail's Party
About Colin
Absent Friends (1974)
Absent Friends (1997)
Absolutely Frank
Absolutely Free
Absurd Person Singular (1972)
Absurd Person Singular (1989)
The Adventures Of Bongo Bungle
The Adventures Of Dirty Dick
Affairs Of State
Alas, Poor Fred (1959)
Alas, Poor Fred (1997)
All My Sons
All The Best People
All Things Considered
All Together Now
Alphabetical Order
Amaretti Angels
Amateur season (1966)
The American Dream
Angels In Love
An Englishman's Home
An Inspector Calls
The Anniversary Waltz
Apple Blossom Afternoon
Appropriate Channels
Arden of Feversham
The Ark
Around Robin
Around The World With Billy Brite
Ask Me Tomorrow
At Sea
At The End of The Day
Augustus Carp, Esq.
Awaking Beauty
Away From It All

Baby On Board
Backnumbers 1-10
Backnumber 11-20
The Ballroom
Barefoot In The Park
Bar & Ger
Barnstable (1963)
Barnstable (1978)
Beano & The Great Christmas Cracker Mystery
Beautiful People
The Beaux Stratagem
The Bed-Life Of A Mad Boy
Bedroom Farce (1975)
Bedroom Farce (2000 - round)
Bedroom Farce (2000 - end-stage)
Bedtime Stories
Before Your Very Eyes
A Beginner's Guide To Cyber-Shopping
Bell, Book & Candle
Bert Podger & The Great Game Robbery
A Bigger Slice Of The Pie
The Bill Cantor Story
The Birds & The Well-Wishers
Bitter Harvest
Black Comedy
Blithe Spirit (1986)
A Boat In The Backyard
Body Language (1990)
Body Language (1999)
Bolt From The Blue
The Boys & The Girls
Boy Meets Girl
The Boy Who Fell Into A Book (1998)
The Breadwinner
Breaking Legs
Bricks 'n' Mortar
Brighton Beach Memoirs
The Brontës Of Haworth pt.1
The Brontës Of Haworth pt.2
But Fred Freud Is Dead
Bye Bye Blues
By Jeeves

Callisto 5
Call The Selkie Home
Can This Be Love?
Can't Pay? Won't Pay!
Captain Carvallo
The Caretaker (1962)
The Caretaker (1976)
Caution! Trousers
The Champion Of Paribanou (1996)
The Champion Of Paribanou (2005)
Charlie's Christmas Countdown
Cheap & Cheerful
The Chimes
The Christmas That nearly Wasn't
A Chorus Of Disapproval (1984)
A Chorus Of Disapproval (2004)
Cigarettes & Chocolate
Circle Of Love
Clearing The Colours
Closing Number
Cock & Bull Story
Comic Pictures
Comic Potential
Communicating Doors (1994)
Confusions (1974)
Confusions (1975)
Confusions (1991)
The Conservatory
Contacting Laura
Conversations With My Father
Cover Her Feet
The Crucible
Idol In The Sky
If I Were You
I Have Been Here Before
Imaginary Lines
The Importance Of Being Earnest (1980)
Improbable Fiction
Inappropriate Behaviour
In Camera (Huis Clos)
Incidental Music (1983)
Incidental Music (1983 revival)
Inglorious Technicolour
The Inside Outside Slide Show
Intimate Exchanges (1982)
Intimate Exchanges (2006)
Intimate Exchanges (2007)
Invisible Friends
I Ought To Be In Pictures
The Island
It Could Be Any One Of Us (1983)
It Could Be Any One Of Us (1996)

Jack Lear
Joking Apart (1978)
Joking Apart (1978 revival)
Joking Apart (2002)
The Jollies
The Jonah Boy
The Jubilee Show
June Moon
Just A Song At Lunchtime I
Just A Song At Lunchtime II
Just Between Ourselves (1976)
Just Between Ourselves (1976 revival)
Just Between Ourselves (1996)

The Kaiser And I
Knights In Plastic Armour

Larkin With Women
Last Of The Red Hot Lovers
Later Life
Let's Pretend
Life & Beth
A Likely Tale
The Linden Tree
A Listening Heaven
A Little Arrangement
Little Brother, Little Sister
A Little Stiff Built Chap
Living Together (1973)
Living Together (1993)
Look Back In Anger
Love After All (1959)
Love After All (1960)
Love & Chance
Love Is In The Air
Love Letters
Love Me Slender
Love Off The Shelf
Love's A Luxury
Love Songs For Shopkeepers
Lucky Peter's Travels
Lucky Sods
The Lunatic View

Make Yourself At Home
Making Tracks (1981)
Making Tracks (1982)
Making Waves
A Man For All Seasons
Man For Hire
The Man Of Destiny
A Man Of Letters
Man Of The Moment
The Man With A Flower In His Mouth
March of Time
Meet My Father
Memento Mori
Memories Are Made Of This
Me, Myself And I
Men On Women On Men
Mere Soup Songs
Miranda's Magic Mirror
Miss Julie
Miss Yesterday
Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays (1988)
Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays (1993)
Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays (2006)
Mr Whatnot
Moby Dick
Mooney & His Caravans
Mother Country
The Musical Jigsaw Play
Mutatis Mutandis (1960)
Mutatis Mutandis (1961)
My Own Show
My Sister Sadie
The Mystery of The Lost City
My Very Own Story (1991)
My Very Own Story (1992)
Dad's Tale
Damsels In Distress
Dangerous Obsession
The Daughter-in-Law
David Copperfield
The Day Dumbfounded Got His Pylon
A Day Like Today
Dead & Alive
Dealing With Clair
Dear Liar
Death At The New Year
Designs On His Body
Dial M For Murder
The Dining Room
The Disguises Of Arlecchino
The Divide
The Dock Brief
A Doll's House
The Donkeys Are Eating Their Lunch
Doris & Doreen
Dorothy Parker's Dead
Double Double
Dragons Are Dangerous
Dreams From A Summer House
The Dresser
Drowning On Dry Land
The Dynamic Death-Defying Leap Of Timothy Satupon The Great

Eden End (1967)
Eden End (1988)
The Edge
Educating Rita
The End Of The Food Chain
Equal Partners
Ever After

Face Value
Fallen Angels (1963)
Fallen Angels (1977)
Falkland Sound
Family Circles (1970)
Family Circles (1985)
Fancy Meeting You
The Farmer's Bride
Father Matthew
Fields Of Gold
Figuring Things
The Firebird
First Course
Five Finger Exercise (1960)
Five Finger Exercise (1961)
Fly In The Ointment
Fly Me To The Moon
Fool To Yourself
Forget-Me-Not Lane
For Services Rendered
For Starters
Forty Years On
Four Minute Warning
Frost At Midnight

A Galway Girl
The Game Hunter
Gaslight (1961)
Gaslight (1994)
The Genie & The Meanie
Getting And Spending
Getting On
Ghost Stories
Girl Meets Boy
The Girl Who Lost Her Voice
The Glass Menagerie
A Going Concern
The Golden Pathway Annual
The Governor's Lady
Grimm Tales
The Guv'nor (1976)
The Guv'nor (1977)

Halfway To Heaven
Happy Birthday Dear Alice
Hard Times
The Haunt Of Mr Fossett
Haunting Julia (1994)
Haunting Julia (1999)
Haunting Julia (2008)
Having A Lovely Time
Hay Fever
Henceforward... (1987)
Henceforward... (1988)
Her Slightest Touch
Hindle Wakes
His Monkey Wife
Hobson's Choice
Honey in The Stone
Hop, Step & Jump
The Hope
House & Garden
Housey, Housey
How The Other Half Loves (1969)
How To Tell The Truth
Huis Clos (In Camera)