Stephen Joseph Theatre: Research Notes

The Play-List within this website is the most accurate play-list for the Stephen Joseph Theatre to have been produced and is the culmination of several years of research by Alan Ayckbourn's archivist Simon Murgatroyd.

Although a play listing of productions staged since 1955 at the Library Theatre, Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round and Stephen Joseph Theatre has always existed in some form, the play-list on this website marks the first time an attempt has been made to cross-reference every production between brochures, programmes, press cuttings, listings and official theatre documents. The result is the most accurate play-list yet compiled for the Stephen Joseph Theatre which corrects numerous errors from previous lists.

This extensive research has revealed a significant number of inaccuracies and discrepancies in previous lists where productions runs were delayed, extended or even replaced. As a result, the new list has the correct dates of productions as well as making note of plays which were announced but not produced.

From the play-list, clicking on a play-title will provide production details for every play produced since 1955 at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. Again, these details have been extensively cross-referenced and mark the first time all this information has been compiled and made available in a single resource.

The research which has gone into the Scarborough In The Round website has been extensive and original, as a result, it is much appreciated that if any of it is reproduced or used in research, articles or other media, the website and Simon Murgatroyd are acknowledged and credited.

What Criteria Was Used To Compile The Play-List?
The plays in the play-list are, predominantly, the professional productions performed at the Library Theatre, Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round and Stephen Joseph Theatre since 1955. Plays automatically considered are those performed by the professional company in the Concert & Lecture Rooms at the Library Theatre, the main house and studio at the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round and The Round, The McCarthy and The Restaurant at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

Plays produced by the company and performed in other Scarborough venues are also considered part of the play-list, as long as it was performed by the professional company; plays produced around Scarborough by the OutReach department - for instance - featuring workshop participants or non-professional actors are not considered part of the play-list.

The Tiny Times Tales / OutReach Issue
One of the biggest issues compiling any play-list for the Stephen Joseph Theatre is the status of an annual summer presentation for children marketed under the banner Tiny Time Tales.

Tiny Time Tales began in 2003 and continue to run to the present day, organised initially by the SJT Education Department and now SJT OutReach. A number of new plays by professional writers have been commissioned for the Tiny Time Tales slot including several by Alan Ayckbourn. However, they are generally considered different to, for example, the theatre's Christmas shows for families or Alan Ayckbourn's family plays which are produced and scheduled by the Stephen Joseph Theatre and feature the Stephen Joseph Theatre company.

However, between 2003 and 2006, the
Tiny Time Tales did feature the Stephen Joseph Company, thus raising the question of whether they should be included in the play-list.

Whilst always likely to be contentious, the play-list considers any
Tiny Time Tales show which are specifically named (rather than just going by the general title of Tiny Time Tales), are advertised as featuring the Stephen Joseph Theatre company and which primarily feature professional actors as a valid play for the play-list. Generally speaking, this includes the majority of Tiny Time Tales between 2003 and 2006.

Between 2006 to 2008, the
Tiny Time Tales largely reverted to a non-professional or predominantly non-professional company which are not regarded as or advertised as the Stephen Joseph Company. From 2009, Tiny Time Tales were entirely taken over by the SJT OutReach department and are subsequently considered SJT OutReach rather than Stephen Joseph Theatre Company productions.

As a result, plays produced subsequent to 2005 under the
Tiny Times Tales banner are not considered as part of the official play-list.

It should be noted that plays produced under the SJT OutReach banner are generally not included within this website. This is not to invalidate these performances or suggest they do not represent the SJT, rather this section of the website is dedicated to Stephen Joseph Theatre productions not OutReach productions. Given there are so many OutReach productions (and this output is only likely to increase in the future) it is not currently possible for this website to take these productions onboard too given the amount of research which would be needed to provide the level of detail required.

All research for the plays section is by Simon Murgatroyd. Please credit the author if reproducing any of the material in these pages.